Here’s what Janella Salvador said to her bashers

Actress-singer Janella Salvador as this fiery reply to her bashers who are accusing her of hiding her “pregnancy”.

In the early part of September, Janella’s alleged pregnancy circulated on social media. This came after the confirmation of the actress that she and Markus Paterson are now in a relationship with each other.

janella salvador
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Because of these rumors, Jenine Desiderio, the mother of Janella, received questions regarding this on her social media accounts. However, the singer chose not to answer the inquiries.

The pregnancy rumors even hyped up when Janella was heard saying “show my bump na lang” in a video. Since the young couple has not confirmed nor denied these rumors, some netizens continue to speculate.

Based on the article from The Philippine Star, in a recent Instagram post of Janella Salvador showing home organizing projects, netizens commented that she is trying to hide her “pregnancy”.

Because of this, the actress-singer fired back. “Blocking people who have no respect and have nothing else to do but gossip. I am only allowing positivity in my space,” she wrote.

Janella has turned her comment section to “limited”. Behind the bashing she received due to her alleged pregnancy, her fans rallied behind her. Her supporters pointed out that she is not oblige to share everything in her private life, based on the article.

Meanwhile, Janella Salvador was able to rekindle her relationship with her mother Jenine Desiderio. It is known in showbiz circles that they had conflicts in the past.

In 2018, Jenine said that her daughter Janella’s coming back to her was the best birthday gift she received.

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