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Man Orders “realme C2” Phone Online, Gets Real C2 Instead

MAN ORDERS “REALME C2” – Ordering online looks easy on the surface, however, you have to consider that the items you ordered might not be what they seem.

Being a victim of online scams isn’t a common narrative, especially when it comes to tech-related items. There have been thousands of reports of people getting scammed for an item they have bought online.

For example, recently, a poor student ordered a laptop online. However, instead of getting the laptop, he paid 22 thousand pesos for, he got a box with 3 stones inside instead.

Meanwhile, this netizen from Reddit reported ordering a “realme C2” phone but instead received something different entirely. Technically, he did receive a C2, just not the one he wanted.

Man Orders "realme C2" Online, Gets C2 Lemon Green Tea Instead

Obviously, the realme C2 is a good phone for its price range. For just around P5,500 to P6,500 you could now have a phone that could serve most of your gaming needs. As such, this entry level smart-phone has become popular for people who wanted a bang for their buck.

But, you need to note that while you can run resource-hungry games such as PUBG mobile, you still need to place it on the lowest settings to make your gameplay smoother. Sadly, the person who ordered this C2 Phone won’t be getting a Chicken Dinner soon.

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