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What Are The Effects Of Stress On Students And The Youth?

EFFECTS OF STRESS ON THE YOUTH – Stress has already become a cliché, a common expression, or a famous word but there is a deeper meaning behind stress.

Stress is a natural part of every young person’s life. According to Fetro (2000), Stress is anything that causes physical and/or mental wear and tears on the body and mind. Stress is a serious problem since it can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, fatigue, and plenty more.

We should always act to this kind of problem since it could cause serious problem if not given attention. The government, teachers, parents should be aware of the problems that stress can cause to students because as we all know, the students are the country’s future and the nation’s faith is in their hands.

Effects Of Stress On The Youth, Students, And More

For students, they should always see to it that we are stress free for them to perform well. We should educate ourselves about stress and of course, learn how to manage and beat stress.

Without stress, a person is happy, effective, and productive, and all of which could change our future and make it better.

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