Rochelle Pangilinan Reveals Accident Of Daughter, Asks For Prayers

Rochelle Pangilinan Reveals Accident Of Daughter Shiloh

ROCHELLE PANGILINAN – Actress, singer, and dancer Rochelle Pangilinan asked for prayers as she reveals a recent accident that happened to her daughter, Shiloh.

Pangilinan recalled how her daughter suffered second-degree burns. According to an article from PEP, Shiloh was sitting in her high chair. Then, she suddenly grabbed a bowl of hot porridge on the table. Sadly, this incident left second-degree burns and a five-day stay in the hospital.

Rochelle Pangilinan Reveals Accident Of Daugther, Asks For Prayers
Image from: Rochelle Pangilinan | Instagram

Ako kasi, humingi talaga ko ng tulong, which is prayer. Noong June kasi, na-hospital ang anak ko..

Humingi talaga ako ng prayer sa lahat. Hindi ko alam kung saan ako kakapit. Kahit kamay lang iyon, siyempre, maliit pa..

And as a new parents, hindi namin alam ni Art kung ano ang gagawin

To make matters worse, having an accident such as this amid a pandemic is another set of problems. She recalls how going to the hospital became such a scary thing for her, especially bringing her daughter to an emergency room.

Still, Rochelle was thankful that everything went well. As per the article, she said:

Nakaahon kami, napagdaanan naming lahat iyon during quarantine and during may pandemic, binibigay talaga ni God.

Afterward, she said that believing in God is one thing we could all do amid the pandemic. She explained that the pandemic in a way, was made to make as all unite as one.

Furthermore, she said that the problems caused by the pandemic would be just like a show, if one door closes, another opportunity would open. Finally, she said that the pandemic would run its course and eventually end and that she looked forward to that moment.

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