Nico Bolzico Shares Gameplan When He Meets Thylane Katana’s Potential Boyfriend

Here’s Nico Bolzico Gameplan When He Meets Thylane Katana’s Potential Boyfriend

NICO BOLZICO – Argentine model and businessman Nico Bolzico revealed his gameplan when he meets Thylane Katana potential boyfriend.

All parents especially dads can be overprotective when it comes to their beloved daughters. In fact, some parents have taken it to a whole new level.

Among the parents who can’t help but be protective over their girls is the Argentine model and businessman Nico Bolzico. Even before Thylane Katana starts learning her A-B-Cs, he already has a gameplan when he meets her potential boyfriend.

Photo Source: @nicobolzico IG

In a post on his Instagram account on August 26, Nico Bolzico he revealed his plans for Thylane Katana’s potential suitors. He has probably spent time thinking way ahead.

The businessman won’t be funny nor friendly to his daughter’s potential suitors. In fact, he said he “already see the fear in his eyes while having dinner and me keeping the crazy eyes look on him all the time.”

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Photo Source: @nicobolzico IG

Nico Bolzico said his overprotective role will kick in when Thylane Katana turns 18 years old. He said he will be snooping or lurking around the place and waits for her suitor to make a mistake. He will also train his dog Pochola to “do the crazy eyes look.”

“Waiting for that little mistake to be able to kick him out of the house! Also training #Pochola to do the crazy eyes look also,” he added.

Photo Source: @nicobolzico IG

Nico Bolzico’s hilarious post garnered various reactions from the netizens. Here are some of their comments from the post:

@trebor0329: “Would love to see a “demo” on crazy eyes over dinner with suitable suitor”

@delmaines: “Tili bolz so lucky to have the best el padre”

@nicanhx: “You da funniest hubz of all”

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