Duterte On Martial Law Recommendation In Jolo, Sulu

Duterte Shares Thoughts On Martial Law Recommendation

DUTERTE ON MARTIAL LAW – Recently, the Philippine National Police gave a recommendation asking to impose a martial law in Jolo, Sulu.

Following twin blasts in Jolo that took the lives of at least 14, the PNP recommended that it was “high-time” to impose martial law. However, the PNP stressed that the final say on the subject would still be up to the civilian authorities.

Afterward, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said President Rodrigo Duterte listened to the recommendations. Additionally, Roque asserted that the President had considered the recommendations to impose martial law on Sulu.

Duterte On Martial Law Recommendation In Jolo, Sulu

Well the President will, of course, consider this recommendation as will both Congress and the Supreme Court

Let’s just say the recommendations have been made and the President listens to those on the ground

According to an article from Newsfeed, PNP Spokesman Brig. Gen. Bernard Banac stated:

There will be a significant difference of course because we would be able to implement stricter peace and order measures and this is not just about quarantine measures but more on security and we would need of course the cooperation of the civilian authorities

Meanwhile, according to an article from Inquirer, Roque said that Duterte already gave orders to the AFP and the PNP during a recent command conference:

The fact that he did not say anything, it’s probably because he has already given the necessary orders to the top ranks of the AFP and the PNP and you don’t discuss what you intend to do as far as the situation on the ground is publicly.

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