Drew Arellano Cut Son’s Hair, Primo Arellano Has This Reaction

Here’s the reaction of Primo Arellano after Drew Arellano gave him a haircut

TV host Drew Arellano gave his son Primo a haircut and this is the reaction of the young boy after.

Amid the pandemic, most of the establishments that are open are essential stores only, especially during the enhanced community quarantine. Included in the establishments that were closed temporarily are salons and barber shops.

drew arellano primo arellano
📷: @drewarellano IG

This is the reason why most people were able to use their expertise in doing haircuts. Just recently, based on the article from Latest Chika, Iya Villania shared on her Instagram Story that she and her husband Drew Arellano decided to cut the hair of their eldest son Primo.

Then, the TV host asked the netizens who cut the hair of Primo. She also shared this photo wherein she wrote that “Ate Weng” asked if the haircut was nice. The little boy answered, “It’s dead.

📷: @iyavillania IG via Latest Chika

In another video, Iya asked her eldest child, “How do you feel about it? Do you like it?” Primo answered “No, it’s bad,” and that made his mom laugh so hard.

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The female TV host explained in her next post on her IG Story why they decided to cut the hair of Primo. It is because the little boy’s hair is already irritating his eyes. “Primo’s eye was getting irritated last night and we were thinking it was because of his hair. So that’s why @drearellano cut his hair,” she shared.

📷: @iyavillania IG via Latest Chika

What can you say about this?

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