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What Is The Scientific Name Of Pilandok? (ANSWER)

SCIENTIFIC NAME OF PILANDOK – In this topic, we are going to know and identify the scientific name of pilandok.

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Also known as the Balabac chevrotain or Philippine mouse-deer, it is a small and nocturnal ruminant which is endemic to the islands of Balabac, Bugsuk, and Ramos, among others, which are southwest of Palawan, Philippines.

It has been named due to the horizontal pupils of the eyes. It is known traditionally to be a subspecies of the greater mouse-deer (Tragulus napu) before it has its own binomial name because of its differences in skull morphology. It is a member of the chevrotain family Tragulidae.

The Pilandok has a black and brown coat with white stripes on the throat and chest. Each solo hair has sections of different colors. In Philippine mythology, it has always been portrayed as a trickster.

Its most striking markings are found on the throat, with three narrow white stripes beginning from a white patch under the chin and extending down towards the chest.


The binomial name of pilandok is Tragulus nigricans.

Tragulus is a genus of even-toed ungulates in the chevrotain family Tragulidae. It is a genus of mouse-deer. The name is derived from the Ancient Greek term tragos, which means “goats” and the Latin term -ulus, which means “tiny”, forming the term “little goat”.

The species name nigricans is the Latin term for “blackish”.

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