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Summary Of The Gift Of Magi

THE GIFT OF MAGI SUMARRY – Here is the Summary of O. Henry’s 1905 Christmas Tale.

The story begins with Della Dillingham Young who only had $1.87 to buy a present for her husband, Jim. Because of this, she thought about cutting her beautiful hair and selling it.

As she was cutting off her hair, she was filled with sadness. But, when she got the money from selling her hair, she was filled with joy as she could now buy something for her husband.

The Gift Of Magi Summary, Lessons, And Much More!
Image from: Orthodox Youth Resources

She bought a platinum chain for Jim’s watch which he has eyed for quite a while now. So, when Della was going home, her husband was waiting for her to also give her his surprise gift.

However, when Jim saw Della, he was shocked because her long, wavy, and beautiful hair was cut so short. But, the reason that he was so shocked was because he bought a comb that was just as beautiful as Della’s hair.

This was the comb that Della also had her eyes on for quite some time. Furthermore, to afford the comb, Jim had to sell his favorite watch.

Now, both Jim and Della couldn’t use the gifts that they had for each other. This is when they understood the true meaning of Christmas wasn’t about exchanging material gifts. Instead, it is about exchanging love.

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