Annabelle Rama Reveals What She’ll Do To Lorin’s Future Boyfriend

Here’s what Annabelle Rama will do the future boyfriend of her granddaughter Lorin

Someday, if Lorin Gutierrez, the daughter Ruffa Gutierrez, will be in a relationship, this is what Annabelle Rama will do to her granddaughter’s future boyfriend.

Annabelle only has one daughter and her mother-daughter relationship with Ruffa and the public is quite familiar with their unique tandem. There are times that Annabelle would make “pagtataray” against Ruffa but they always express how much they value each other.

Annabelle Rama
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When it comes to her grandchildren, the veteran showbiz personality, apparently, is as strict as to her children. Based on the article by Jun Lalin in Abante Entertainment, Annabelle Rama was asked to share her message for the future boyfriend of Lorin who turned 17 years old last August 3.

“Lorin, huwag kang magkakamali, sasabunutan ko ang boyfriend mo ng ‘yan!!!” the former actress said to her granddaughter. According to Lalin, during the younger days of Ruffa, the only girl and the eldest among Annabelle’s children, the latter also “terrorized” the former’s suitors.

The columnist added that Annabelle, fondly called ‘Bisaya’ in showbiz, is more strict to her children than to her grandchildren. For her grandchildren, she is more of a “spoiler”.

As Lorin is the first grandchild of Annabelle, Ruffa would tell her mom to be fair in all her grandchildren. It is because the veteran showbiz personality has been spending more attention to the eldest of Ruffa.

Lalin also predicted that if Annabelle Rama is strict about the future boyfriend of Lorin, Ruffa Gutierrez will be much more strict for her daughter.

The second daughter of the actress named Venice will turn 16 this coming September 11.

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