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If You Get This You Are A Critical Thinker Riddle Answer

YOU ENTER A ROOM – If you get this riddle, that means you are a critical thinker. “You Enter a bedroom. There are 34 People. You Kill 30. How many people are in the room?”

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, several riddles have circulated social media as more people are under quarantine. This certain riddle, although derivate of the first (You Entered A Room, There Are 34 People Riddle (Answers)) has some new dynamics to it.

This time, you really need to look closely at the information provided. Also, the answer to the critical thinker riddle may vary based on who’s asking them. However, here are all the possible answers you could use.

If You Get This You Are A Critical Thinker. You Enter A Bedroom (Answer)

So, critical thinkers need to realize the grammatical nuance of the sentence. First, you enter a bedroom, there are 34 people. This could mean that when you entered the room, there were 34 people (33+You). Next, you kill 30. Here, we could even say that “30” is a person’s name, meaning there are 33 people still alive.

But, it wasn’t stated if the people actually left the bedroom. This is the reason why the number of people you kill wouldn’t possibly matter. The answer would still be 34. This is because as you enter the room, the problem stated that there were 34 people.

Still, the riddle, much like most Facebook riddles, is riddled* with confusing grammatical and logical fallacies. However, this time, critical thinkers would get that the answer is 34.

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