Ogie Diaz On PhilHealth Corruption, Calls Out 70 Congressmen

Ogie Diaz Calls Out 70 Congressmen Silent On PhilHealth Issue

PHILHEALTH CORRUPTION ALLEGATIONS – Comedian Ogie Diaz called out the 70 congressmen who voted against the franchise renewal of ABS-CBN and said:

Gusto ko, magalit din sa mga Involved sa corruption sa Philhealth ang 70 congressmen. Bakit nakabibinging katahimikan?

Recently, the state-run insurance firm has been involved in a massive corruption investigation. As such, several high-profile officials from the firm have even resigned from their post as investigations went full-throttle.

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However, according to a report from Kapamilya World Online, Oggie Diaz questioned why the congressmen who voted no to ABS-CBN were so silent on the issue. The PhilHealth fiasco has been one of the biggest issues the country has faced in terms of fraud and corruption.

Ogie Diaz On PhilHealth Corruption, Calls Out 70 Congressmen
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Naturally, according to Diaz, the congressmen who voted no to the franchise renewal should speak up regarding the allegations. But, Diaz quipped that their silence spoke volumes when he said “Bakit nakakabinging katahimikan”.

Meanwhile, netizens had mixed reactions to Diaz’s statements. Some emphasized that Diaz should wait as bigger names are likely to surface as investigations continue.

Here are some of the comments from netizens about the issue:

Korek,mama ogie! Nabingi ang 70 tongressman sa katiwalian ng philhealth,Pero pag Abs asahan mo, active sila sa panggigipit

Sana galingan din ng mga congressman ang pagbusisi sa phealth.yung tipong ipapasara din nila..😅 ay senado nga pala nag iimbestiga..

Ang sipag nila sa abs CBN issue kung anu anung baho ang gustong pasingawin eh wala nga.Ngayon tahimik sila sa issue ng Phil health.. Unti unti na pong nangangamoy anu masasabi nyo 70 congressmen. Anu nganga..

Ogie Diaz On PhilHealth Corruption, Calls Out 70 Congressmen
Ogie Diaz On PhilHealth Corruption, Calls Out 70 Congressmen

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