Jinggoy Estrada Comeback Movie After 11 Years “Coming Home”

Jinggoy Estrada Give Update On Comeback Movie

JINGGOY ESTRADA – The former Senator was set to release his comeback movie after 11 years during the 2020 Metro Manila Film Festival.

However, due to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, almost all movie projects have come to a standstill. So, what happened with Estrada’s long-awaited comeback?

According to an article from Manila Times, Estrada said they still needed to “see what will happen with this pandemic”. Moreover, he noted that there were still four months to go until December, but, with the quarantine restriction, the film industry would be hit hard.

As per the Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ) protocols, Estrada said only 20% of people would be allowed in cinemas. Because of this, producers would struggle to break-even with their movies, especially the theater owners.

Jinggoy Estrada Comeback Movie After 11 Years "Coming Home"

Estrada also said that he understood the struggles artists had to face amid the pandemic due to a lack of projects. As per the article, he said that he was helping some colleagues in showbiz to get by during these hard times.

I won’t name names but may mga tinutulungan ako ngayon. Siyempre, alam ko naman ang katayuan nila. Minsan, kapag walang show, walang taping, walang shooting, nakakaawa rin

Furthermore, the actor advised other members of the industry to find other sources of income temporarily. Some of the ideas he suggested was to follow what others have been doing – online selling, cooking, baking, and other services you could profit from.

Hindi lang ang showbiz ang mahihirapan makabangon pagkatapos nito

He said that all industries in the Philippines were affected. Additionally, he urged the Filipino people to be more disciplined and follow health protocols amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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