Coronavirus Tests For 300 PNPA Cadets Following Death Of 2 Cadets

Coronavirus Tests For 300 PNPA Cadets Of Class 2024

CORONAVIRUS TESTS FOR 300 PNPA CADETS – After the death of two cadets, 300 PNPA-Cadets are going to undergo COVID-19 testings.

Recently, Fourth class cadets Jiary Papa and Kenneth Alvarado of class 2024 died due to a supposed heatstroke. Since then, the PNPA have postponed their upcoming activities for the new recruits.

According to an article from ABS-CBN, Papa died due to “electrolyte imbalance or hypokalemia”. Reports said that she collapsed all of a sudden beside her bunks. Afterward, she was rushed to Qualimed Hospital in Santa Rosa, Laguna.

Coronavirus Tests For 300 PNPA Cadets Following Death Of 2 Cadets
Image from: ABS-CBN

Meanwhile, Alvarado was said to have collapsed after joining the evening mess formation. Based on reports, the cause of deaths was said to be a heat stroke.

However, the PNP said that it would review measures against COVID-19 at the academy. As per the article, chief Gen. Archie Gamboa stated:

Ayokong isantabi na possibility na may mga infection sa training camps because of other experiences abroad kasi siyempre magkakasama sila, kapag nagsasagot sumisigaw

Furthermore, he added that because of the training conducted, the proximity of infection was high. Gamboa emphasized that they stay in the same barracks so there would be a high possibility to infect each other.

Currently, the Philippine National Police has reported around 1,063 confirmed COVID-19 infections from within the police force. Meanwhile, the number of coronavirus cases in the Philippines has ballooned to 56,259.

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