How Are Seaweeds And Mushrooms Related? (Answers)

Answers To The Question: “How Are Seaweeds And Mushrooms Related?”

SEAWEEDS AND MUSHROOMS – In this article, we are going to discover how seagrapes and mushrooms are related.

First of all, Seaweeds, by the nature of its name, can easily be distinguished as a plant from the sea. Meanwhile, the more commonly known mushroom is on land. So what makes them alike?

For starters, the seaweed and the mushroom are both decomposers much like all plants are. Additionally, they are a like in a sense that they both are incomplete plants.

How Are Seaweeds Mushrooms Related? (Answers)
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Both the seaweed and mushroom do not have what is called “true roots”. Along with this, both plants also lack stems and leaves. According to Wikipedia, a “true root” is a system that consists of a primary root and secondary roots (or lateral roots)

Meanwhile, both plants also differ from each other because mushrooms are classified as Fungi. As such, it is reliant on other organisms such as a dead log to produce its food. However, the seaweed is algae that make their own food through photosynthesis.

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