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Here’s Meaning Of Yoyoy Villame’s Nonsense Classic Song Abuchikik

ABUCHIKIK – The meaning and origin of Yoyoy Villame’s nonsense classic song ‘Abuchikik’ or ‘Buchi Kik.’

Roman Tesorio Villame or better known as Yoyoy Villame was a singer, comedian, and actor. He is known for creating music that has witty or comedic lyrics. His songs dominated the airwaves in the ’80s and ‘90s.

His song “Mag-exercise Tayo” has been adopted by public schools and government agencies. They use his song as a morning exercise.

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Yoyoy Villame’s most popular song is Abuchikik or ‘Buchi Kik’. His nonsense classic song became one of the most popular and controversial songs because of its Chinese-sounding words. Based on a report from Esquire, the Chinese community in Cebu asked the authorities to remove the song from radio and jukeboxes because it is allegedly racist.

Attempts to take his song to court gradually ended because it does not contain Chinese words.  He came up with the lyrics by writing down the names of the stores around Chinatown while waiting for a mechanic to fix his jeepney.

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According to the report, the tune of the classic song was based on Dee Dee Sharp’s song titled “Baby Cakes.” The work ‘Buchi Kik’ is a play on the title. It came from ‘Buche Cake,’ a Christmas cake shaped like a log. The festive yule log cake is popular in Canada, France, and Belgium.

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Here’s a video of singer Ice Seguera singing Abuchikik:

Below is Dee Dee Sharp’s song Baby Cakes:

The Bol-anon singer was given the moniker ‘King of Visayan Song.’ He died of cardiac arrest in May 2007.

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