Black Backgrounds w/ #BlackLivesMatter Might Be Doing More Harm

Social media is flooded with black backgrounds with #BlackLivesMatter

Activists said that black backgrounds posted on social media with ‘BlackLivesMatter’ hashtag might be doing more harm.

Following the death of George Floyd in the hands of police, people from different races aired their views regarding racism that is still happening, obviously or vaguely, in society.

black backgrounds blacklivesmatter
📷: CNN

Celebrities, politicians, influencers, people from different walks of life have been airing their criticisms against this mentality. Rallies were held to call out the attention of the authorities to act upon this issue and stop racism.

In the Philippines, as well as in other parts of the world, prominent and famous people have been sharing posts with black backgrounds as a show of support, along with #BlackLivesMatter.

However, based on the recent Instagram post of CNN, activists said that this step to show support for black people might do more harm than benefit as more and more people have been posting this on various social media platforms.

Photo Source: @colesprouse IG

According to activists, a multitude of these posts can clog up a channel that is being used for critical updates. Mental health advocate and Black Lives Matter activist Kenidra Woods said in her Twitter post that although these posts have no intention to bring harm, these indeed bring harm to the message.

“We use hashtag to keep ppl updated. PLS stop using the hashtag for black images!!” the activist said. Based on the post, the netizens, especially in the western part of the globe, can use the hashtag ‘BlackTuesday’ instead.

Here are some of the comments about this.

“Wait a minute…a virtue signaling internet craze that wasn’t fully thought through ? I don’t believe it” – IG user @pels6428

“almost sounds like black people are the victim of something no matter what… wonder why that is?” – IG user @deeztranger

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