How Many Ducks Can You See? (Test Your Brain)

HOW MANY DUCKS CAN YOU SEE? – During the coronavirus quarantine, more people are getting bored so they resort to looking at ducks.

But, that’s never an issue! Ducks are awesome, and looking at ducks shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of! So, here is a picture with several ducks in it. Your job is to find out how many ducks are in the photo.

How Many Ducks Can You See? - Answers And Explanation

Do you have your final answer? Spoilers below!

There are exactly 16 ducks in the photo! Here’s why..

Some of the ducks are superimposed on top of the other, some ducks are so small that your eyes could barely see them. There’s even a duck inside the feathers!

How Many Ducks Can You See? - Answers And Explanation

This question is farely simple, you just need to look a bit closer. One technique you could use when faced with similar questions is to go from general to specific.

Look at the bigger picture first and start there. Then, gradually work your way in and look at each photo individually and you might be surprised with the things you never noticed before.

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