Philippine Setting During 1861 – Birth Of Jose Rizal

What Was The Philippine Setting During 1861?

PHILIPPINE SETTING DURING 1861 – In this article, we are going to learn about what the situation was in the Philippines during 1861.

Amidst the 1800s, Chinese migrants came to the Philippines and initiated intermarriages with Filipino Women. Furthermore, most of these migrants became businessmen.

Philippine Setting During 1861 - Birth Of Jose Rizal

Additionally, the Spanish still reigned and had deep roots in the churches and the state. Moreover, the church was still seen as a central figure of authority.

Along with this, a Spanish decree introduced education and established public schooling in Spanish. This was also the time when Roman Catholic Missionaries converted the majority of the lowland inhabitants to Christianity.

Meanwhile, John Bowring, Governor-General of British Hong Kong wrote that Spain bettered the condition of the Filipino people. He also noted how the Filipino have lived comfortably away from external enemies.

According to an article from Wikipedia, Frederick Henry Sawyer Wrote:

Until an inept bureaucracy was substituted for the old paternal rule, and the revenue quadrupled by increased taxation, the Filipinos were as happy a community as could be found in any colony. 

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