Stormtroopers From Star Wars Man Checkpoints In Consolacion, Cebu

Stormtroopers From Star Wars Man Checkpoints In Consolacion, Cebu

STAR WARS – Men dressed as the Galactic Empire’s stormtroopers from the box-office hit Star Wars are manning the checkpoints of Consolacion, Cebu.

CEBU. The 501st Cebu Scarif Garrison, wearing their stormtrooper costumes, helped policemen in Cebu man checkpoints as the province continues to srengthen its measures to combat the spread of COVID-19. (Photo courtesy of 501st Cebu Scarif Garrison) | Image from: SunStar

The men inside these stormtrooper costumes were the 501st Cebu Scarif Garrison, who aided police officers in checkpoints of Consolacion town in Cebu.

Since they are in checkpoints to help curb the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), they are equipped with thermal scanners to check the temperatures of motorists, rather than the blaster rifles they had in the film.

501st Cebu Scarif Garrison commanding officer Christian Bacus said that they are committed to aid the authorities in these times.

“It was an experimental activity last Friday (April 24, 2020). If it did not turn out good, we could cancel it anytime. We did not expect the motorists’ reactions. That means we are now on duty every day,”

They primarily plan on giving free meals to frontliners at checkpoints.This is their tribute to the International Star Wars Day, which was set on May the 4th.

Equipped with their stormtrooper gear, they began helping policemen of the said town in order to ease the tension of checkpoints on April 24. At that moment, they realized that this wasn’t an easy task.

“Arguments between the authorities and the riding public is unavoidable in checkpoints, especially if there are those lacking documents and maybe because of the hot weather. That was why we suggested to assist them while in our costumes in the hopes of lightening the mood of motorists,”

As per the report, the garrison is composed of 32 members, which includes architects, photographers, politicians, a nurse, a medical technologist, a businessman and a lawyer. Their activity received positive reactions from the public.

Hence, they eventually became one of the volunteer groups deputized by the Philippine National Police (PNP) to man the checkpoints.

Their costumes is considered as their personal protective equipment and have to be disinfected through the town’s sprinkle system when their shift is done. They were also required to wear a mask underneath their helmets.

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