What Is Chichirya? – Popular Filipino Snack “Chichirya”

Answers To The Question: What Is Chichirya?

CHICHIRYA – In this article, we are going to discuss more about what “chi-chir-ya” is and its significance to Filipino culture.

What Is Chichirya? - Popular Filipino Snack "Chichirya"

Filipinos, much like most countries, have a never-ending love for “Junk Food” which is what chichirya basically is. It comes from the Spanish word “chicheria” which is actually a store that sells chica.

This was a corn-based alcoholic beverage common to the Spaniards. When translated to the Filipino language, this describes pagkaing kinukukot“, in other words – food eaten bit by bits.

This could describe chips and corn snacks or other snacks sold in stores. However, the reason as to why “sitsirya” became a word for junk food still remained a mystery.

Although some would suggest that it may be because during the Spanish era, this was the word used to describe what people were eating when they drank “chicha” at the “chicheria”.

Thus, the chichirya might have stuck from there and had been widely used across the country.

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