What Is Bisugo? A Popular Fish In The Philippines

Answers To The Question: What Is Bisugo?

WHAT IS BISUGO – Ther are a variety of popular fish sold in the Philippine markets.

As an archipelago, the Philippines is rich with bodies of water with thousands of cities right next to the ocean. Because of this, the country has an abundant supply of fish.

One of the most popular of these fish is the Bisugo or “Jobfish/Goatfish” in English. Sometimes, it is also called a threadfin bream.

What Is Bisugo? A Popular Fish In The Philippines

These fish have a distinct pinkish of light reddish color accented by yellow highlights. Additionally, they are also called whiptail breams and false snappers.

These fish are common in the wet markets of the Philippines where they sell a variety of fish. Aside from this, the fish species could also be found in the Indian and Western Pacific ocean.

Along with this, the fish gained popularity due to being a versatile ingredient in many Filipino dishes. Some of these dishes include “Daing na Bisugo” and “Pinagat” which taste like something in between sinigang and paksiw.

Additionally, the dish is best paired with hot rice and is very healthy and packs a lot of flavors.

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