Who Are The Characters In Les Miserables? (ANSWER)

Who Are The Characters In Les Miserables? (ANSWER)

CHARACTERS IN LES MISERABLES – In this topic, we are going to know and identify the following characters in Les Miserables.

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Les Miserables is a well-known French historical novel made by Victor Hugo. There are many English alternative translations of this novel which includesThe Miserables, The Wretched, The Miserable Ones, The Poor Ones, The Wretched Poor, The Victims and The Dispossessed.

The novel has been popularized by many film, television stage and musical adaptations.


Here are the following characters of this novel, according to GradeSaver:

  • Jean Valjean
    • A man imprisoned for stealing bread in order to feed his sister’s children. He turned his life around and became a successful businessman under a new alias.
  • Fantine
    • A young and beautiful woman who was impregnated and abandoned by the man she loves. Her daughter was named Cosette and supports her by taking up a number of low paying manual jobs.
  • Javert
    • A close-minded officer who is completely fixated on upholding the law and punishing every kind of criminal activity.
  • Cosette
    • Fantine’s daughter. Fantine was forced to leave her to the Thénardier family. Valjean rescues and raises her as his daughter. She falls in love with Marius.
  • Marius Pontmercy
    • Son of a war hero and the grandson of an eccentric member of nobility. He falls in love with Cosette
  • Éponine Thénardier
    • The eldest daughter of the Thénardiers who also fell in love with Marius.
  • Monsieur Thénardier
    • A greedy and selfish man. A husband of Madame Thénardier and the father of Azelma and Éponine. They took in Cosette and charges Fantine a great deal of money and forcing the little girl to perform a number of chores.
  • Madame Thénardier
    • A nasty and selfish woman. The wife of Monsieur Thénardier and the mother of Azelma and Éponine.
  • Enjolras
    • The head of ABC Society. An intense young student and a radical revolutionary.
  • Gavroche
    • The neglected son of the Thénardiers an a little urchin boy. He dies a heroic death on the barricades.
  • Bishop Myriel
    • A bishop who is known in Digine for his good deeds. He is responsible for Valjean’s redemption.
  • Grantaire
    • A member of the ABC society who spent most of his time drinking and chasing after women.
  • Mademoiselle Baptistine
    • Sister of Bishop Myriel.
  • Félix Tholomyés
    • The lover of Fantine and father of Cosette who abandoned them.
  • Sister Simplice
    • The nun who tend to Fantine during her final sickness.
  • Champmathieu
    • Imprisoned for the theft of some apples who resembles Jean Valjean so closely that the authorities assume he is Valjean under another name.
  • Fauchelevent
    • A man from Montreuil-sur-mer who dislikes Valean until he saves his life after his cart overturns.
  • Azelma Thénardier
    • The youngest of the Thénardier family.
  • Georges Pontmercy
    • A war hero who fathers Marius and marries the younger daughter of Monsieur Gillenormand.
  • Monsieur Gillenormand
    • A relic of the old, pre-revolutionary order and the grandfather of Marius.
  • Courfeyrac
    • Member of the ABC Society and one of Marius’ closest friends who lends the latter money during his desperate days,
  • Combeferre
    • Member of the ABC Society who is second-in-command to Enjolras.
  • Feuilly
    • Member of the ABC Society who is only a worker rather than a student
  • Jean Prouvaire
    • Member of the ABC Society who loves languages and history.
  • Joly
    • Member of the ABC Society who is a hypochondriac who studies medicine.
  • Lesgle
    • Also known as also Lègle, Laigle, L’Aigle [The Eagle], or Bossuet, he is a member of the ABC Society.
  • M. Mabeuf
    • A churchwarden who tells Marius abou his estranged but devoted father.

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