Daughter Of COVID-19 Patient Who Died Shares Heart-Wrenching Story

Daughter of COVID-19 patient who died shared this story

Liza Paqueo, the daughter of COVID-19 patient who died, shared this heart-wrenching story about her mother.

daughter of covid-19 patient
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Through her Facebook post, Liza shared that her mother already died. What added intensity to her grief was the fact that her mother “died alone without her loving family and friends around her” and “she was cremated, alone, without ceremony or tribute.”

Moreover, who also tested positive of COVID-19 but in stable condition and in quarantine, is alone at a Manila hospital. “He is in deep grief over the loss of his wife of 47 years–the love of his life. My brothers and I are together here in the United States, but we are not allowed to visit my dad,” Liza shared.

liza paqueo daughter of COVID-19 patient
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She also shared that this situation really brought pain to their nuclear family, as well as their relatives and friends. Amid this devastating time for the family of Liza, she condemned the rumors and misinformation that circulated about her parents.

With this, the daughter of COVID-19 patient who died, along with her family, shared these clarifications:

– My mother Nida Cortes Paqueo died shortly after her 67th birthday. She was healthy and fit. She went into the hospital on March 5 with localized pneumonia.
– A couple of days later, my father was admitted into the hospital.
– On March 11 local time (March 10 US time), my mother passed away. On March 11, we also received the news that she had COVID-19. My father also has tested positive for COVID-19.
– My brothers and I are here in the US.
– All family and friends who have been exposed to my parents are in isolation and quarantine.
– The Department of Health is now working with the hospitals and my father on epidemiological protocols around this infection.
– My parents are in Manila. In fact, they have not been to their hometown of Surigao City in several months.
– In addition, they have not traveled anywhere domestically or internationally. They have not been to Siargao, Singapore, Australia, etc.
– No one knows how they contracted COVID-19, but Manila is a crowded, internationally mix city of 13 million people. Speculations as to where they got it from is unknown, and we are leaving that to the Department of Health.
– If you have been around my parents between February 29 (when my mother first reported symptoms) and her death on March 11, then we encourage you to self-isolate for 14 days. And if you have a fever and a cough, please report to the Department of Health. It is the responsible thing to do. There is no stigma with this disease.

Liza also said that spreading wrong information can really do harm. She added that people can ask her regarding this matter as she and her family have constant communication with infectious disease specialists, medical professionals and with each other to be socially and medically responsible.

“We want to concentrate our energy and our prayers on our father’s recovery (sadly from afar) and not on quelling damaging and dangerous rumors and threats. We ask for your continued love, support, healing energy and prayers for my father and for our extended community. Thank you. Maraming Salamat,” Liza Paqueo wrote.

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