Pen Pen de Sarapen Lyrics And Meaning Of The Song

What Is The Lyrics & Meaning Behind Pen Pen Pen de Sarapen?

PEN PEN DE SARAPEN – Filipinos have always had music deeply embedded in their hearts.

Pen Pen de Sarapen Lyrics And Meaning Of The Song

This has created several wonderful folksongs that are sung even till now. That’s why in this article, we are going to talk about the meaning and lyrics of the Song “Pen Pen De Sarapen”.

The song is basically a nonsensical rhyme for when playing a game of “tag”. It’s like the Filipino’s version of eeny, meenie, miney, moe.


Pen pen de sarapen,
de kutsilyo de almasen
Haw, haw de karabaw
De Batutin.

Sipit namimilipit,
ginto’t pilak
sa tabi ng dagat.

Sayang pula tatlong pera
Sayang puti tatlong salapi
Sawsaw sa suka mahuli taya
Sawsaw sa suka mahuli taya


Pen, pen from Sarapen,
Knife from department store
How, how the carabao*

Pinching tongs,
Gold and silver,
Blooming near the sea.

This can also be a game played between two people. One person holds out his/ her palm and sings the rhyme while the other person taps his/her finger on the first person’s palm on each syllable.

At the end of the song, the first person tries to close his/her hand to catch the other person’s finger. The person whose finger is caught is “It” and takes a turn putting out his/her palm for the next time.

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