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Xiaomi To Launch SIM Card That's Also A MicroSD CARD

Xiaomi To Launch SIM Card That’s Also A MicroSD CARD

Xiaomi To Launch New Sim Card That Acts As A MicroSD Card

XIAOMI TO LAUNCH SIM CARD – Xiaomi will launch a SIM card which also works as a microSD card.

Xiaomi To Launch SIM Card That's Also A MicroSD CARD
Image from: GizChina

Throughout the years, most flagship high-end phones reached the markets without a MicroSD slot. An example of this would be the iPhone 11, and Google Pixel 4.

The reason behind the decision was that manufacturers say that the slot occupies an integral space that could be utilized by other important components of the phone.

In addition, most MicroSD cards don’t work as well as internal storage when it comes to data transfer rates. Even so, a vast majority of users consider an expansion of the internal space necessary.

As time progressed, the quality of data needed to be stored in mobile phones became bigger and bigger. From the ability to capture in 4K, to gaming apps that use up gigabytes of space, extra storage is definitely a plus.

According to an article from GizChina, Xiaomi had devised a great solution for this modern problem. They are about to launch a SIM Card that also works as a microSD.

Based on the leaked image, the dual great Xiaomi dual card will integrate your typical SIM technology on one hand (which would be 5G compatible) and on the other, storage technology.

But, the storage technology we see in this patent is not that of the microSD slots that all manufacturers use today. That means that possibly this dual card can only be used on Xiaomi and Redmi devices.

Xiaomi To Launch SIM Card That's Also A MicroSD CARD
Image from: GizChina

Though many had never heard of such a concept, Xiaomi had a patent proposed way back in 2019. The Ziguang company presented a card much like this. In addition, the eSIM (Integrated SIM that doesn’t require a SIM slot) had already been popularized.

Is Xiaomi too late? What do you think? Leave a comment below.

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