MBTC Meaning: Filipino Acronym “MBTC” And What It Means

What Is The Meaning Of The Acronym “MBTC”? (Answers)

MBTC MEANING – Filipinos are fond of using acronyms in conversation. This could be mostly attributed to the rise of technology in the country and the Filipinos love for texting.

MBTC: Filipino Acronym "MBTC" And What It Means

In this article, we are going to take a look at the acronym “MBTC”, which is commonly used in a birthday greeting through text or social media.

It means More Birthdays To Come. Here are some example sentences:

  1. Happy Birthday, Peter! MBTC!
  2. HBD! MBTC!
  3. Belated happy birthday! MBTC!

This is mainly used in short greetings such as the examples listed above. Meanwhile, the second sentence was even shorter and even gave an acronym to to “Happy Birthday”.

But, a well-written birthday greeting is much more meaningful than the short acronyms most people are fond of today.

In Tagalog, Happy Birthday is “Maligayang Kaarawan“. But, most of the time, Filipinos use acronyms for words in the English language.

According to an article from Abbreviations, other acronyms for birthdays include:

  • BDAY (Birthday)
  • WBW (With Best Wishes)
  • VBW (Very Best Wishes)
  • BOMB (Born On My Birthday)
  • BBE (Best Birthday Ever)
  • HLBD (Happy Late Birthday)

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