Federigo’s Falcon – Summary of Book Written By Giovanni Boccaccio

Federigo’s Falcon – Summary of Book Written By Giovanni Boccaccio

FEDERIGO’S FALCON – In this topic, we are going to know and read the summary of Federigo’s Falcon, a book written by Giovanni Boccaccio.


As mentioned above, the book was written by Italian writer, poet and humanist Giovanni Boccaccio. It was originally published on 1353.

The book tells the story of a talented man who fell into poverty while trying to get the woman he loves and ended up getting married.

Here is the summary of the story uplifted from the website Reference:

It starts with a man named Federigo, known for both his prowess with weapons and his courtliness. He fell in love with one of the most beautiful and charming women in Florence named Monna Giovanna and spent his money ion order to woo her but to no avail, thus, rendering him penniless and accompanied by his prized falcon.

Monna’s husband dies, and she moves to the country with her son for her mourning period. They lived near Federigo and the son spends time with the man. Sadly, the boy fell ill and asked Federigo for his falcon to cure him. Monna is troubled at the thought of taking Federigo’s only source of income, but she decides to try for the sake of her son.

Federigo welcomes Monna into his house but eventually became nervous when he realized he has nothing to feed her for dinner. Hence, he killed the falcon and roasted it for dinner. Monna asked Federigo to giver her the falcon, here he became inconsolable and bursts into tears because he cannot comply with her request.

The son eventually passed away and Monna is required to remarry. She decided that she will marry Federigo, and together with her riches and Federigo’s newfound sense, they live happily for the rest of their days.

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