Parents Left 2 Kids at the Airport After Banned from Boarding Due to Fever

Parents Left Infected Kids at the Airport After Banned from Boarding

Chinese parents left their two infected kids at the airport because one of them is banned from boarding due to fever symptoms.

Parents Left
Image Source: World of Buzz

Over the past few weeks, the novel coronavirus became the headlines of both local and international news outlets all around the world. The mysterious disease continues to spread in different countries.

Other country’s government ramped up their precautionary measures following the emergence of suspected coronavirus. Airport officials use thermal scanners to see if a passenger boarded has fever symptoms or none.

Meanwhile on Nanjing Lukou International Airport, On January 23rd, in the early hours of the morning, a family of four was stopped by immigration as the young son was having a fever and so was not allowed to board.

According to the article of WOB, Irresponsible parents abandoned their children at the airport and took off by themselves. One of the eyewitnesses said that the family was supposed to board the flight to Changsha.

Parents Left
Image Source: World of Buzz

The flights and the flow of people were delayed because of what happened to the children as parents are making a fuss and argue to the staff to let them board but the airport security could only keep trying to block them from boarding.

Later on, parents unexpectedly abandoned their two young children, a boy, and a girl at the airport. They boarded the flight to Changsha themselves and left their children behind without caring about them.

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