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What Is Patola In English? (Answers)

PATOLA IN ENGLISH – In this article, we are going to discover what the translation of the word “Patola” is in English.

Patola In English: Tagalog-English Translation Of "Patola"
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Patola is one of the most common vegetables in the Philippines. It’s also included in one of the most popular Tagalog children’s rhyme, Bahay Kubo.

Patola is called Silk Squash or Ribbed Loofah in English. Its scientific name is “Luffa Acutangula“.

However, in the Tagalog language, Patola is also used as slang. It could be used to describe someone who easily responds to trolls. In Tagalog, they are “taong mahilig pumatol”.

This would be a play on the spelling of Patola and turning it into pumatol (fight back). Here are some example sentences.

  1. Pumunta ako sa palangke at bumili ng patola.
  2. Ang patola ay isa sa mga gulay na nasa Bahay Kubo.
  3. Alam mo naman na joke lang ‘yon! Patola ka talaga.

In English, this could be translated as:

  1. I went to the market and bought a silk squash.
  2. The sponge gourd is one of the vegetables that’s included in the song, “Bahay Kubo”.
  3. You knew that they were just joking! You really like to respond to trolls.

In the first two sentences, we used Patola to describe a vegetable. However, in the third sentence, we used Patola as slang for someone who easily responds after being trolled.

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