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What Is Cliche In Tagalog? (Answers)

CLICHE IN TAGALOG – Cliche is a word used to describe an overused phrase or expression. In this article, we are going to find out what that word means in Tagalog.

Cliche In Tagalog: English-Tagalog Translation Of "Cliche"

There is no one direct word that describes “cliche” in the Filipino language. However, based on its meaning, we could find words or phrases that are synonymous with it.

Cliche, being an overused phrase or expression, could be translated as “gasgas na mga linya“.

This phrase in English could also be translated as “overused phrases“. Another translation for cliche would be “bukambibig“. But, the word does not directly describe what a “cliche” is.

Instead, we could use that word in a sentence or phrase to describe what a “cliche is”. Here is an example:

  • What he described were just religious cliches that everybody has heard of.

In Tagalog, we could translate that as:

  • Ang inilarawan niya ay mga relihiyosong bukambibig na narinig na ng lahat.

As you could see, the word alone is not enough to describe what a cliche is. But, when used with the phrase “narining na ng lahat”, it denoted that it’s already been heard by everyone before, thus it is a “cliche”.

According to Glosebe, much like “bukambibig“, the word “kasabihang or kasabihan” may also be used to describe “cliche” in Tagalog. However, the same rules used for bukambibig still apply.

  • The cliché ‘a diamond is forever’—although an advertising slogan—is generally true

In Tagalog, this could be translated as:

  • Ang kasabihang ‘ang isang brilyante ay magpakailanman’ —bagaman isang sawikain sa anunsiyo —ay karaniwang totoo.

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