Kulang In English – Tagalog To English Translation Of Kulang

What Is Kulang In English? Tagalog – English Translation

KULANG IN ENGLISH – In this article, we will discover what the English translation of the word “kulang” is and some example sentences.

Kulang In English - Tagalog To English Translation Of Kulang

Kulang is a Tagalog word that means “lack of” or “missing“. There are a lot of words or phrases that could describe “kulang” in English depending on the context.

The most direct translation of Kulang would be “inadequate“. This word means lacking quantity, or insufficient.

Here are some example of “kulang” used in a sentence:

  1. Kulang ang dinala kong sandwich para sa party.
  2. Ang kaibigan ko ay parang kulang sa pansins.
  3. Ano pa ba ang pag ku-kulang ko sa yo?

In English, the sentences would be translated as:

  1. The sandwiches I brought to the party weren’t enough.
  2. My friend seems to be lacking attention.
  3. For you, what else do I lack?

However, if we look at sentence number 2, the phrase “kulang sa pansin” is an idiomatic expression that denotes a person merely wants attention.

Here are some other English words that could be translated to as “Kulang”:

  • deficient
  • incomplete
  • insufficient
  • lacking
  • less
  • short
  • shortage

In some cases, “kulang” could also be translated as “want” or “need”. Let’s take this sentence for example:

I just need a few more minutes to finish the test

In Tagalog, we could translate that as:

Kulang lang ako ng kaunting minuto para matapos ang pagsusulit.

Here is another example:

“Kulang lang yan sa pagmamahal at pag-aalaga!”

In English, this could be translated to:

“It only needs love and care!”. You could translate it literally as “It lacks love and care”, but that would make the sentence sound wrong.

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