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Answers To The Question: What Are The Impending Signs Of A Volcanic Eruption?

VOLCANIC ERUPTION – In this article, we will learn more about the tell-tell signs that a volcano is about to erupt.

Volcanic Eruption - What Are The Signs Of An Impending Volcanic Eruption?
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There are actually several signs that need to be examined depending on how closely monitored a volcano is. Scientists often use seismicity to determine if a volcano is active.

Another type of data is the study of ground deformation. As magma moves upward into the shallow plumbing of a volcano, it takes up space.

This then pushes the surrounding rock outward causing the surface of a volcano to deform. In addition to this, scientists also monitor gasses coming out of fumaroles where volcanic gas escape from the surface.

Other signs of impending eruptions are an increase in the frequency and intensity of earthquakes. There could also be subtle swelling of the ground surface.

During an eruption of a volcano, gasses dissolved in the magma are released into the air. The gasses then escape through different places in the volcano.

Gases like carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide, a gas that smells like eggs gone bad, are present and escape in seams along the mountain. The hot springs in the surrounding area may appear or change in appearance or temperature.

Along with this, a volcanic rock called tephra is also released because of the gasses. In addition, Lava streams out of a volcano during an eruption.

However, according to an article from Straitstimes, the precursors do not tell the type or scale of an expected eruption. These signs could continue for weeks, months or years before the eruptive activity starts.

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