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What Is Montage? Things To Know About This Film Technique

MONTAGE – In this topic, we are going to discover things and stuff we need to know in regards to a film technique called a montage.

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As mentioned above, in the field of film making, it is a film editing technique where it contains a series or group of short shots that are sequenced in order to condense space, time, and information.

It is basically making a summary of the film in video form like making short shots of your travels or how a thing is made in just a short amount of time.

The term is also used in other contexts. In Frence, when applied to cinema, refers to editing.

In the case of Soviet montage theory, an approach introduced by Sergei Eisenstein outside the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), this technique is used to make symbolism.

Eventually, the term, when combined with the term sequence, is used mainly by British and American studios as a common technique to symbolize the passage of time.

This technique fuses several short shots with special effects such as fades, dissolves, split screens, double and triple exposures; dance and music.

Here is an example of a montage by Joe Allam on YouTube:

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