Angel Locsin On Forbes Most Generous Charity Donors List

Angel Locsin & Henry Sy On Forbes Most Generous In Asia List

FORBES MOST GENEROUS – Kapamilya actress Angel Locsin is one of the most charitable celebrities in the Philippine entertainment industry.

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Whenever calamity strikes, she is sure to lend a helping hand and be there with the people. After the earthquakes in Mindanao, she was there to personally give out relief goods to those affected.

Because of her good deeds, the actress, along with businessman Henry Sy of SM, was included in Forbes 13th annual Heroes Philantorphy List. They were two out of 30 outstanding altruists in Asia-Pacific.

Angel Locsin On Forbes Most Generous Charity Donors List
Image from: SUNSTAR

According to an article from CNN, those included in the list were businessmen, billionaires, and celebrities who made a difference with their generous contributions to society.

Forbes said that the wanted to highlight those giving their own money and not their company’s. Unless the person is majority owners of a privately-held firm.

In the previous months, Locsin donated a generous P1 million to those affected by the earthquake in Mindanao. Adding to this, she personally delivered relief goods to the areas affected.

Angel Locsin On Forbes Most Generous Charity Donors List
Image from: Team Angel PH

If you didn’t know it yet, Angel Locsin’s mother was adopted by a family from the island. Adding to this, she has helped the region for the longest time.

According to Forbes, the actress has donated about P15 million in the past decade. This could be attributed to a mix of donations from educational scholarships, to typhoon aids.

In addition, she also pushed for indigenous people’s rights. Along with that, she also advocated for combatting violence against women and children.

Meanwhile, Henry Sy reportedly shelled out P20.4 million pesos to establish the first Child Haus property back in 2010. Since then, it has transformed into a temporary shelter for poor families from provinces.

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