Bon Jovi’s Restaurant Allows Customers Eat for Free or Work as Payments

Bon Jovi’s Restaurant Allows Customers to Eat for Free or to Work as Payment

Bon Jovi’s restaurant is officially opened for people in need, where people are allowed to eat for free or volunteer to work as payment for their meals.

The rockstar Jon bon Jovi opened the “JBJ Soul Kitchen” where hungry people can eat for free while those who can afford to pay, can donate $20. He may be a rockstar on stage but he has proved that he is also a star to those in need.

Bon Jovi’s
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Unlike your standard restaurant, the JBJ Soul Kitchen is an eatery with a mission. You won’t find any prices listed on the menu, to dine in, you have two options, either you can make a donation, or you can volunteer.

Soul Kitchen first opened in New Jersey, where Bon Jovi was born. Since then, it has served more than 100,000 meals to those in need. According to Soul Kitchen’s mission, “All are welcome at our table. We serve locally-sourced ingredients, dignity, and respect are always on the menu.”

One of his employees share how the restaurant feels like a community. As said in the statement: “People are coming in, they’re choosing from a menu. They sit at a beautiful table; we sit people together communally. And everyone has the same experience regardless of how they got there.”

Bon Jovi’s
Photo Source: Instagram

We should point out that Bon Jovi’s music is very much alive and well, but fighting hunger is a priority. Truly, a great initiative to empower a community to reach and help the needy.

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