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Summary About The Legend Of The Mayon Volcano

MAYON VOLCANO – In this topic, we will now know and read the summary of the legend about the Mayon Volcano in Albay.

Image from: ABS-CBN News

Mount Mayon or Magayon is a stratovolcano that in the province of Albay in the Bicol Region.

It is known for its almost perfect cone due to its symmetrical conical shape.

As mentioned before, it is named after a legendary princess named Daragang Magayon, which is what we are going to learn today.

Here is the summary of the story uplifted in ABS-CBN:

In a place called ibalon, there is a maiden called Magayon, who is the daughter of the chief of the tribe named Makusog. Her beauty attracted several men in different places.

One of the said men was Pagtuga, who is a warrior and chief of Iraga. He tried to woo Magayon several times but to no avail.

One day, Magayon bathed in her favorite spot called the Yawa river. She suddenly slipped on the rocks and cried for help.

This caught the attention of Pangaronon, who happened to be nearby, and saved her from drowning. They began creating a very close relationship and even asked Makusog for her hand in marriage.

The news spread of Magayon’s marriage, even Pagtuga, who kidnapped Magayon and threatened her to marry him or his father will die.

Pangaronon went to the place and try to take her lover back, hence, a battle ensued. Pangaronon eventually won, but as he was about to embrace Magayon, she was struck with a poisoned arrow.

Pangaronon knelt over his dying lover and eventually got stabbed by one of Pagtuga’s men. Makusog buried his daughter and her lover together after the battle.

Years passed and the land where they buried rose higher and higher, which was eventually called Mayon.

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