Miss World 2019: PH Bet Michelle Dee Talks About Her Head-Turner Gown

Michelle Dee talked about her head-turner evening gown for the Miss World 2019 competition

Actress/ beauty queen Michelle Dee talked about her head-turner evening gown for the Miss World 2019 competition in London.

michelle dee miss world 2019
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Last September, the local pageant for the international competitions was held and a new set of beauty queens to represent the Philippines was hailed. Michelle, who is the daughter of former beauty queen Melanie Marquez, won the Miss World Philippines title.

For the international pageant this coming December 14, the Filipina beauty queen shared her game plan to rise above other contestants. She said that her key to winning is to her very best. “All I can really do is do my best and be myself, be genuine, because I am kind at heart naman, and I hope the world sees that,” she said.


As early as now, Pinoy pageant fans are already excited to take a glimpse of her evening gown, as well as her national costume. Based on the article from PEP, Michelle is very hands-on when it comes to choosing her wardrobe because as much as possible she wants to showcase her personality.

“I want to be confident in every aspect of it. I made sure I collaborated from the dance to the gown to the make-up to my hair, I really want people to say na, ‘Oh that’s Michelle, she’s not trying to be somebody else, but she’s trying to shine as her own,'” the Pinay beauty queen shared.


When it comes to her evening gown, which is usually one of the highlights in beauty pageants, Michelle said that they chose the concept of it being the Pearl of the Orient Seas. “So it is going to be in the shade of… Secret na lang kung anong shade of blue, pero it’s very lovely, the details are exquisite,” she added.

According to her, when she tried it on, it was very fluid and very elegant, and surely this will be a head-turner during the Miss World 2019 pageant night. “I’m very, very lucky to be one of ‘Libiran Babies.’ He takes care of me so much,” she enthused referring to prominent designer Francis Libiran.


For Michelle’s national costume, she said that they wanted to incorporate the national symbols of the Philippines. Furthermore, she shared that she will do the ‘Sayaw sa Pamaypay’ for the ‘Dances of the World.’

Other designers such as Nono Palmos, Rene Salud, and Chris Nick, contributed to the wardrobe of Michelle Dee, based on the article.

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