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Summary Of The Children’s Story “The Lazy Townspeople”

THE LAZY TOWNSPEOPLE – In this topic, we will now know and read the full summary of a children’s story entitled “The Lazy Townspeople”.

Here is the summary of the story uplifted from the website Fairy Tales of The World:


In the past, there is a town filled with very lazy people. The people do not want to work like cleaning up the yards and streets, weed their vegetable patches. The town is disgusting.

The chief never like it since he wants it to be clean. He often set up a clean-up campaign but it was rendered useless since they would stop working for one or two days.

A hurricane appeared one day and ravaged the town. The town looked worse and a huge tree blocked the main road leading to the marketplace. Traders who saw the tree walked around it. The same goes for traders. The townspeople are not bothered by the tree that was blocking the road. Despite the chief’s efforts to encourage people to move the tree, they are too lazy to do anything about it.

The chief made a plan. He dug a hole, placed some gold and had his servants hid it. He then gathered the townspeople and asked them to move the tree together but they were too lazy that one of them even blamed the hurricane and suggested to ask the hurricane to move the tree for them.

Exasperated, he was about to give up when a poor farmer volunteered to give it a go. Everyone else stood there and watched as the farmer tried to move the huge tree. The chief eventually asked the servants to aid the farmer. The tree has been moved.

The chief then led the farmer to the spot where he buried the gold and told him to dig there. He then told the farmer to keep whatever he found.

The farmer found the gold and kept it. The chief then told the townspeople this:

“Let this be a lesson to you all! Laziness doesn’t get you anything. Rewards come to the person who is prepared to work hard.”

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