Construction Workers Spotted Dancing Along With PNP’s Zumba While Working Goes Viral

Video of Construction Workers Caught on Camera Dancing Along With PNP’s Zumba While Working

Video footage of 2(two) construction workers caught dancing along with the Zumba of PNP at the top of the establishment they are constructing went viral on social media.

Construction Workers Caught

A construction worker is one of the hardest jobs on the list. Because of lifting heavy materials and bathing in the heat of to the sun to build or construct a house, establishments, and buildings.

Despite the hardships, heat, and fatigue of their work, they are still able to find a way to have fun. Some are talking to their workmates while they are working.

Recently, a facebook user named “Eff-Flor-ann Reonal” uploaded a video of construction workers who are dancing along to the Zumba activity of PNP at the top of the establishment they are constructing.

The video of these construction workers spotted dancing with the Zumba of police in the middle of their work become viral on social media. Their good vibes video gain 1.7 million views on facebook

“Sa hirap ng buhay ngayon dapat marunong kapa rin magenjoy. 😂😂,” says in the caption.

Netizens who watch the video  expressed their reactions:

@Aldren Alferez “Walang malasan pag yan magiging squaddy”🤣🤣

@ Bea A Comia “Aba kakakita ko lang neto kanina, ngayon ang dami ng views. Hahahaha”

@ Sonson Cainguitan “enjoy lang talaga mate” 😂

@ Rose Anne Ilang-Ilang “So inspiring..” 😂👌

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