VIDEO: Red Cross To Use Portable Water Filtration System For Quake Victims

Red Cross To Use Portable Water Filtration System For Quake Victims

RED CROSS – Red Cross recently sent their portable water filtration system to quake victims which can turn muddy water to drinkable water.

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According to ABS-CBN. pipes from the local water districts and water sources in the quake-hit areas are badly damaged and unusable, leaving that victims unable to gain water supply.

The victims are prompted to rely on moving water tankers. That is when the organization decided to send their portable filtration system to the city of Kidapawan.

The filtration system can convert muddy water into a clean, drinkable one. According to Jenny Fe Estor, one of the organization’s personnel, other locals were forced to buy costly drinking water, which is why they provided the portable system for free.

This was the same filtration system that they used during the aftermath of the devastating Typhoon Yolanda and the Marawi siege.

As per the report, Estor explained the function of the system: The water they collected from the river will undergo a five-stage filtration and purifcation process. Here are the following stages:

  • The first two stages remove and filter dirt from the water.
  • In the third and fourth stage, to remove more dirt and smell, the water passes through a sand filter, and then a charcoal filter.
  • The last stage involves injecting a small amount of chlorine to disinfect the water.

Red Cross is currently hoping to get the go signal from the local water district so that they can deploy the system to teh affected victims.

The Metro Kidapawan Water District said, on the other hand, that it will take months to normalize the water supply in the city and other municipalities.

There is a video from TineyStories in regards to this report:

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