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Modern Filipino Slang Words And The Meanings Of Each

FILIPINO SLANG WORDS – Here are some of the modern Filipino slang words that we have heard of and used; and the meaning of each.

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Filipinos are very creative when it comes to give a nearly unrelated meaning to certain words, may it be in Tagalog or in English.

These words eventually spread like wildfire as most Filipinos use these slang words in their everyday casual talk.

Here are some of these modern slang words and their meaning, according to the Literary Agendas:

  • Sabog
    • This means a blast or an explosion in English. In terms of slang, it is usually an adjective to symbolize a lack of disposition or exhaustion and it is used when one is in a moment where they forgot to take care of their physical appearance
  • Totoy/Nene
    • Used by elders to young men or women, in slang usage, it is used as an insult to men or women who are childish, awkward or cringe-worthy.
  • Hugot
    • Literally means to draw or pull out in English, nowadays, it means the knowledge of a person based on his or her past experiences, romantic or not.
  • Lutang
    • Means floating or afloat in English, it is used buy people on themselves or others who were in a state of frivolity or their lack of organization
  • Bes
    • This is basically best, just without the letter “t”. It means best friend or his or her close friend.
  • Sabaw
    • Literally means soup in English, it is used to describe an absurd but hilarious moment.

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