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What Is The Difference Between A Typhoon And A Hurricane?

TYPHOON VS HURRICANE – In this article, we will learn about the difference between a typhoon and a hurricane.

Typhoon VS Hurricane - What Are Their Differences?
Image from: Washington Post

The only actual difference between a hurricane and a typhoon is the location of where the storm occurs on the globe. Pretty anti-climactic right? But there’s a reason for this.

Although hurricanes and typhoons are pretty much the same weather phenomenon, but, the category differs from locations. And as such, it causes a lot of confusion.

Typhoon VS Hurricane - What Are Their Differences?
Image from:PBS

Hurricanes are storms that occur or form within the Atlantic and the Northeast Pacific. Typhoons, on the other hand, occur in the Northwest Pacific.

Both Typhoons and Hurricanes develop over warm tropical oceanic waters. Each of them has a similar system of spiral circling winds that rotate around an eye.

Sometimes, the circumference of these spiraling winds could span hundreds of miles across in diameter. They are both also strong enough to inflict severe damage.

Typhoon VS Hurricane - What Are Their Differences?
Image from: Caritas

However, there are also some minute but distinct differences between a Typhoon Vs Hurricane aside from location. Although, if a hurricane crosses the International dateline, it changes names from hurricane to typhoon.

According to an article from Red Cross, typhoons could be stronger and more frequent than hurricanes. This is due to the much warmer waters which is a key factor in creating strong storms.

Even though typhoons are stronger than hurricanes, they could potentially less damage because of their geographic location. This is because most islands in the pacific have natural barriers that protect against strong winds.

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