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Regine Velasquez Shares Her Worst Experience In A Luxury Shoe Store

REGINE VELASQUEZ – Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez shared her worst experience inside a luxury shoe store.

Photo Source: Philippine Star

Recently, Regine revealed that she was discriminated against in a luxury shoe store. However, that was not her worst experience.

During a press conference for Novotel, the Asia Songbird said that she once experienced a salesperson tell her she couldn’t afford an item in their store. She added that when she shops, she doesn’t dress up.

“Titignan ako mula ula hanggang paa at sasabihin sa akin : I dont think you can afford this“, Regine Said. Afterward, the media gasped with disbelief.

She opts for comfort instead, wearing jeans. Because according to Regine, she just wanted to be her self when she goes shopping.

“Kung nag sho-shopping ako, hindi naman ako naka ayos”, Regine said. She added that oftentimes you’ll get discriminated if you don’t dress up.

Regine Velasquez Insulted By Salesperson In Luxury Shoe Store
Screenshot from: Kiko Escuardo | YouTube

“In my case, pag mukha kang basura, mag mumukha ka na.. you can’t afford”, she said. Although, she did emphasize that the incident happened a long time ago.

At the press conference, she noted that at the time, she was still single and could still splurge. She said that she and her family were doing okay so she wanted to treat herself.

She also noted that she worked really hard and saved up from her tour so she could treat herself. She emphasized that when she shops, she uses what she buys for her job.

“It’s not something na eh di-display ko lang, I use it regularly for my job, she said. She added that at that time, she really needed to buy shoes.

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