Mayor Isko Moreno Bans Selling Of Secondhand Phones In Manila

SECONDHAND PHONES – Manila Mayor Isko Moreno had ordered that selling of secondhand phones is now allowed in the city’s capital.

Selling Of Secondhand Phones Is Banned In Manila
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In a press conference, Moreno said that those who violate the order could face having their business closed. Along with this, Isko Moreno threatened Isetann Mall in Recto.

This was because of several reports that their establishments were harboring and selling stolen phones. In September the mayor gave his ultimatum to mall owners who allow the sale of stolen phones.

Police had raided Isetann in September over the several complaints that stolen phones and gadgets are being sold there. Authorities say that they confiscated more than 300 phones during the raid.

According to an article by CNN, Moreno threatened to kick out the owners within 72 hours. If they didn’t comply, the Mayor said they would be facing closure.

Those who were caught selling and buying stolen items could be charged with the anti-fencing law. This law aimed to criminalize the act of buying and or/selling stolen items.

Moreno also stated that the would file charges versus mall management that are found violating the law. He added that buyers and mall owners should demand proof of ownership of the items.

He also said that if establishments fail to show proof of ownership, people should assume that the items are stolen. Kiosks that sell mobile phones, which included secondhand units are popular in shopping centers with high foot traffic.

Other places like this include footbridges and bus terminals. Units that come without packaging or accessories, and more importantly warranties, are oftentimes referred to as GSM or “galing sa magnanakaw“.

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