KFC – 5 Interesting Things You Never Knew About The Fast Food Chain

5 Interesting Facts About KFC You Didn’t Know About

KFC – In this article, we will learn about the different facts about one of the most popular fast-food chains that you never knew about.

KFC - 5 Interesting Things You Never Knew About The Fast Food Chain
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Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is probably the most staple brand when it comes to fried chicken. It holds the secret recipes that started with Colonel Sanders back in 1952.

We can’t tell you the secret recipe, but we can tell you 5 interesting facts about KFC.

Original Secret Recipe – There are only two people who know about the exact herp and spice blend for KFC. We all know that there are 11 herbs and spices, but did you know where it’s being kept?

According to Delish, the secret recipe is stored behind a vault walled in with concrete block, motions sensors and security cameras running 24/7.

Back then, you could buy their Recipe – Colonel Sanders sold his groundbreaking fried chicken recipe to his partner Pete Harman for 4 to 5 cents per piece of chicken sold.

He traveled and made sales pitches, and to save money, he would often sleep in his car. He also lived off of the fried chicken he made during demos to potential clients.

KFC and mutant chickens – Back then there were speculations that KFC was creating their own mutated chickens to have faster production rates.

However, this was debunked and a Shanghai court fined three companies around $191,000 for falsely spreading stories on social media.

Someone Paid $21,510 for Colonel’s suit – In an auction, Masao Watanabe took the chance to take home Colonel Sanders’s iconic white suit and black bowtie.

He paid more than $20,000 for the purchase. It was a fitting sale, however, because the man that bought it was the President and Chief Executive of KFC Japan.

KFC got lost in translation – When it had a franchise in China, KFC’s signature slogan “Finger Lickin’ Good” was translated as “We’ll eat your fingers off”.

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