ANIMALS: Here’s List of Animals Who Can Walk Minutes After Birth

List of Animals Who Can Walk Minutes After Their Arrival in the World

ANIMALS – Here is the list of animals who can walk minutes after their arrival in the world.

Baby animals are undeniably one of the cutest things on the planet. We could spend for hours just staring at them and observing what they’re going to do next.

Most of us love to witness their first steps. Readers Digest compiled the list of animals who can walk minutes after they are born. Here is the list:


Giraffes are among the animals who can walk minutes after birth. Just give them 30 to 60 minutes to fix their wobbly feet then they’re good to go. A zookeeper named Stephanie Mantilla said these calves were dropped “six feet straight to the ground” after being born.

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Baby zebras or “foal” can stand up 30 min after birth. They stay with their mother until they learn the unique smell of their mom. They become independent after three years.

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According to New Scientist, piglets can manage to stand and walk right after they were born. Their walking skill will improve after the next few hours. They have complete motor skills after eight hours.

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Just like baby giraffes, baby camels were able to walk independently 30 minutes after they’re born.

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Baby horses are also called foals. A young male is also called colt and a young female a filly. Foals can manage to stand and walk after 1 or 2 hours after arrival in the world. They learn how to gallop after 24 hours of life.

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Okapis are nicknamed “forest giraffes” because they are closely related to giraffes. But they look like a cross between a zebra and a brown horse. They also have the ability to walk minutes after being born.

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Marine Iguana

These creatures that look like dragons have the ability to walk as soon as their eggs hatched. They need to learn how to walk immediately to avoid their predators.

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Gnus is also known as “wildebeests.” They are can be found in Eastern and Southern Africa. Based on the report, they can stand and walk a few minutes after birth.

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Guinea Pig

These rodents are not related to pigs but they were able to walk after they are born. They are also to have babies of their own even they’re just one month old.

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