Philippine History Facts That Are Never Learned In School

Philippine History Facts That Are Never Learned In School

PHILIPPINE HISTORY – In this topic, we will know some facts that are in Philippine history that we never knew in school.


In the History class, we were taught the well-known heroes in the history of our country like Andres Bonifacio, Jose Rizal, etc. Of course, we also know the nations that colonize the country and how we were able to break free from them.

However, there is more in the history of the archipelago that we never learn way back when we are students, or while we are currently studying.

So, here are some interesting facts in history that we never knew, till now, according to FilipiKnow:

  1. GomBurZa are not the only trio of martyr priests.
    • Everyone has heard of the GomBurZa as the trio of “martyr priests” but we never know another trio of martyr priests years after the death of GomBurZa.
    • They were known as “Los Quince Martires” and they are obscure primarily because they are all Bicolanos.
    • The Los Quince Martires consists of Fr. Severino Diaz, Fr. Innocencio Herrera and Fr. Gabriel Prieto.
  2. The first ever World War II American hero died in the Philippines
    • Capt. Colin P Kelly Jr. was the first American World War II hero when he bombed a Japanese cruisers days after the Pearl Harbor attacks.
    • He died when he was attacked by enemy planes right after they bombed the carrier. His plane exploded right after.
  3. “Leper Money” for the leper colony in the Philippines.
    • A Japanese emperor allegedly sent a ship loaded with lepers to the Philippines.
    • The health director of the nation opened a leper colony in Culion and established a unique monetary system for them in 1906.
  4. The Colgante Bridge Tragedy happened days before Martial Law
    • In 1972, a bridge in Naga city collapsed, thus, killing at about 114 Roman Catholic pilgrims who were celebrating the feast of their patron saint, Nuestra Señora de Peñafrancia .
  5. President Elpidio Quirino save the lives of about 6, 000 White Russians
    • Quirino is the unsung hero of the Russians.
    • The Russians residing in Peking, Hankow, Tiensin, and other nearby cities in northern China were forced to flee when China was on the verge of getting totally invaded by Communists.
    • The IRO (International Refugee Organization) asked nearby countries to provide refuge for the White Russians.
    • President Quirino took the call and took them to the island of Tubahao in Eastern Samar.

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