How To: Save Android Phones’ Battery Life (Technology)

Here’s How You Can Optimize Your Phone’s Battery

HOW TO – Most phones have updated features which included improved technology to extend battery lives on Android mobile devices.

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Sometimes, when you’re out for a stroll, you would cone across a situation your phone’s battery is at a critically low level and you need the phone to contact people or for something else that might be important and urgent.

For Android users, other than its special hidden features, there are also battery-optimization features that could save your battery life while maintaining the important features.

It’s also important to monitor your phone’s activity and track its processes to see how much energy each process takes.

Here are some tips on how to optimize battery usage:


Doze Mode is a new feature in Android 6.0. Activating this mode enables your phone to shut apps that are not being used when you’re phone is off.

Basically, your apps ‘take a rest’ everything you’re not using them and your phone is untouched for quite some time. If you don’t want apps to stop working, you can also adjust the settings to only include apps that you want.


Adaptive brightness is a battery-saving feature that allows the device to pull only the needed energy from the battery and nothing more. It will automatically adjust to the given environment.


There are so many apps available on the Android’s app store that is developed for battery saving. There are many choices so be sure to check it’s features before downloading.


Unnecessary apps that are kept in your phone still take bits of energy and use portions of the battery. To keep the apps from taking battery life, you might as well uninstall them if you feel like they no longer serve any purpose.

These are some tips we found in an article from The Verge.

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