How To: Keep Your House Cool In These Hot Times

Here Are Some Tips On How To Keep Your House Cool

HOW TO – In these hot hot weather, people are on the search to find the best way to keep the house cool and ways to deal with high heat indices.

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On this site, there are several articles posted to share tips on how to deal with the summer heat. Including tips on clothing choices, healthy decisions and avoiding heat strokes.

The Department Of Health recently let out a warning for the public as a caution to against heat stroke.

There are also several ways to stay cool amid this hot weather shared on several different websites.

Here are some of them:


This trick instructs people to put their sheets and pillowcases to be used at night in a sealed plastic bag and toss it to the freezer. And, soon when you’re about to go to bed, take them out and use them.


There are popular videos on the internet that teaches you to make an air conditioner by putting ice in front of a fan. But another effective way to apply this trick is freezing water in a water bottle so the water can be reused.


There’s this unusual trick that tells users to put their lotions and skin moisturizers in the refrigerator to cool the skin with afterwards.


To optimize the use of electric fans. The best ways to place them, according to “To cool as much of your home as possible, tightly close windows near the fan and open windows in rooms far from the fan.”

These are just some of the excellent ways to keep your homes cool in an article from BostonGlobe.

It is very important to stay cool in this hot weather since too much exposure to the sun or its heat have negative effects to the health.

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